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Online Sensor Measurement

The new Online Data Logger from AWE Instruments is a revolution in data logging. 

Data from your process instrument, visible instantly, from your phone, tablet, or computer anywhere in the world.

iPad showing process control data

pH Electrode

Open Data for your sensors available online

Open Data


All historic and current data is stored online, in an open format, so you can import it into your spreadsheet software.

Or generate a Chart online and download it straight to your device.

Our 'Data First' approach means there is no proprietary software to be installed.

Just login to access your data - it is yours after all. 

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Universal compatibilty - existing sensors and instruments are compatible with the Online Data Logger



The AWE Instruments Online Data Logger allows you to connect any of our instruments to the device.

The in-built modem connects to the AWE Online Portal and uploads your data using any of the available mobile network providers.

There's no need to integrate to an existing network - the Online Data Logger is a stand alone device.

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The Online Data Logger supports Multiplate Parameters

Multiple Parameters


Our 'data first' approach allows the AWE Instruments Online Data Logger to work with multiple parameters.

Up to 12 sensors with isolated outputs, or 12 sensor and instrument combinations, can be logged from one Online Data Logger.

For more information on the sensors, and sensor & instrument combinations we've worked with click the read more link below.

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Data accessible from all over the world.

Accessible from anywhere in the world

All that is required is an internet connected smart phone, tablet, or computer - your data is accessible from anywhere.


12 Devices can connect 1 Online Data Logger

12 devices can be connected to the Online Data Logger to provide simultaneous uploads to the secure cloud



The online data-logger has 99% network coverage of the UK population (900 MHz & 1800 MHz)


24 / 7 /365

The online data is available from the secure cloud 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with an adjustable upload cycle starting from every 6 minutes.



100% of your data, 100% of the time, in a format that suits you.

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